Crevisse takes photo every year to make memories of the people we are together with and record important moments. Jungyeon Lee from DONUS has written the behind scenes of the photo shoot.


Town2014 (1)

Hello. This is Jungyeon Lee of DONUS. I’m going to share the photo shoot that was held in a studio near the office in August 1, 2014. :)


Photo by Businesses

2211 The first photo shoot was by Tree Planet and Inspire.D who have the most people. (Up) Tree Planet well delivered the identity of the company as “Tree Planting Company” using the game characters. (Bottom) Yusup with the sunglasses is very noticeable in Inspire.D. Regardless of the recommendation to take the photo without the sunglasses, he managed to take the photo with them.

crevisse0137 crevisse0160 (Up) DONUS used blackboard and party items which other teams were jealous of. (Bottom) Crevisse team showed simple but elegant pose. Too bad Shinyoung couldn’t be with us due to her vacation.

crevisse0409 crevisse0450 (위) FRIENTRIP well portrayed the characteristics of the business. They used the amplifier, water guns, and others to make it feel like a summer vacation. (Bottom) Zipbob well used the frame with their name in Korean to show the family like atmosphere.

crevisse0479 crevisse0599 (Bottom) BRING YOUR CUP used the tumbler to show their core business. The colorful tumblers make me want to buy them. (Bottom) ENLIGHTEN
having only two people in the team still makes a good pair and looks like a good sister and brother or characters in mystery show.

crevisse0303 crevisse0359 (Up) All the leaders representing each businesses gathered up to take the photo. The couch gives a good serious atmosphere to the picture. (bottom) Sparky, who are responsible for the culture of the town, they borrowed the couch to give the serious atmosphere, but failed to do so and instead looks like a friendly family. :P



IMG_1811 This is individual photos taken behind the scene. We show you the backstage.

IMG_4086 IMG_3951 Mincheol is actively guiding the Tree Planet teams’ pose.

IMG_1866 Sohee and Narae are posing in front of the mirror. They look like they can go out on a pageant competition.

IMG_4156 IMG_4314 Minchang who was working at the studio is now preparing for the photo shoot. He reminds of Sherlock Holmes with his mustache.

IMG_4040 IMG_1898IMG_4129 Everyone is a model today. Everyone is posing confidently in front of the camera.

IMG_1911 IMG_1834 FRIENTRIP helped brighten the mood at the studio with various talents and poses.

IMG_4589 crevisse0285 The studio was filled with laughter. I was so thankful to know that I was with such a wonderful people. Thank you.


Written by Jungyeon Lee