July 16, 2014, 9 people started their beautiful innovation for the world.

Townhall Challenge began with the conversation with leaders to share their philosophy and value. Minjung Jo well captured the scene.


Last July 16, 2014 Summer Townhall Challenge started.
It was an opportunity to get closer and familiar to the vision and philosophy of the town.
We were all very excited to attend.
Let me share with you step by step of becoming part of the townhall~

STEP1_Start simple! Introduction and presents

We started simple with self introduction! Nuri Choi from FrienTrip is introducing herself. We learned to share name cards and how to receive the phone. And we are also writing down some notes as we learn the rules!


We received BringYourCup tumbler with our names engraved in them. Such a wonderful gift!


STEP2_The birth of the Town and social innovation

Jaehyun Kim, the CEO of Crevisse Partners, told us about how he started. I can’t write everything but I will write some of the most impressive ones.

“In 2007 we started our official internship. That’s when I first met Hyesun of DONUS and Dongmin of Inspire.D. I thought that these people should become the owner of this company. Now they are our good partner and a great supporter. I still believe that the ones that work with us should become owners. I believe that some of you will be my good partner one day.”


And now it was time of Wonyoung Kim, the CEO of Crevisse Partners, to talk about social innovation. He said that social innovation is a new concept, idea, and organization to enhance and expand the social demand. He showed us many good examples of social innovation.

Sujin Kim from Tree Planet and Yewon Kim from DONUS! All ears!


STEP3 _Talking with the leaders!

Finally, we get to talk to the leaders. Are you curious to know? what we talked about? What we were curious to know was how they started. Why he started to plant trees, why she started to create a meal meetups! Why they are with Crevisse! Let’s find out.


[Hyungsoo Kim, who plants trees all over the world]

“I’m sure that all of you here have the sense of social problem. For me, the problem was environment and I filmed a documentary to solve that. I was shut off at the door of corporations when visited with my camera. I thought to myself, “This won’t get me much far like this. And then I thought about ‘business’. That’s how I started Tree Planet.”


[Mincheol Jung, who puts life to trees]

“I wanted to go to Pixar. Then I met Hyungsoo during my military service. We talked about Tree Planet all the time except when we were on our duty. I tried farming but it was too difficult. I came to a conclusionthat ‘Tree Planting isn’t for general people.’ I started to look for easy ways to plant trees. I started to do storytelling about trees and that’s Tree Planet.”


[Hyesun Jang, The first intern to become an executive]

“While I was in graduate school, I saw the internship notice of Crevisse by chance. I wasn’t interested in looking for jobs and Crevisse wasn’t a well known company at that time. But I felt many things reading the internship notice. And that’s how far it got me till this day. When I was first offered a regular job position, I made my decision to stay and Wonyoung Kim had his eyes wet.(laughter)”


[Jongmin Hahm, former employee at Samsung who wanted to do good with technology]

“I worked in the hardware part in Samsung. But I wanted to do something with ownership. Then I met Crevisse. I had the technology but I wanted to use this capability for the good of people instead just for earning money. I started in Crevisse as a team manager and not I’m a director of Crevisse going through new challenges.”


[Sooyul Lim, who runs to make an active world with healthy mind]

“I went to science school and KAIST, but it was always about going up. One day, I didn’t understand why I was living. I heard someone say that ‘You have to respond to pain’. This sentence has changed my life and now I’m in the social sector. Now I’m running with people to solve the quality of life problem in Korea. I’m trying to solve how Korea can live happier.”


[Lynn Park, a leader who is like a warm meal]

“When I was young I lived in India for five years. After that for over ten years, I’m living alone. I moved often. After living a life like this, I started to think about relationship. One day, after quitting my job for some unknown depression, I was lying on the floor and I missed home-made meal. That’s how started Zipbob. I wasn’t intending to do a business but just start a meet-up. Now a lot of people like the idea.(laughter)”

‘Anyone living alone? Show me your hand?’ Some people raise their hands~
I think we have quite a lot of people here who need Zipbob. It’s going to be loved more.


And now the finale is Wonyoung Kim, who is the pillar of Crevisse. He said something that touched me which I will share with you. It is called 49:51 decision theory. (I named it^^)


“Most decisions are not made with 99% confidence but with 51 confidence. In many times, you will find yourself in a 50:50 situation. What you need to do is to find extra 1 that will give you the confidence. Once you have that 1 and made 51 from 50, then the rest is trying everything you have to make that 51 to 100. So what you need to do now? You need to build up your own standard for making decisions and have your values. If you have them, you can make wiser decisions.”

All leaders had their values and confidence, and had extra ’1′ which was for making changes in the society. Now they are trying to make that 51 to 100. Some eating home-made meals, some doing leisures, some planting trees. It was a really inspiring time and I was able to imagine my life after ten years. We will one day become the ones who make beautiful changes in the world.

STEP4_Chicken Beer Party in Han River!

The Final program! We went to Han river to have chicken and beer. We gathered around to talk with leaders and chat with each other.


After a while without noticing how time went by, the sunset. We put the water bottle on the light from the phone to light up. Small ideas do light up. We shall act what we learned in Crevisse town!

Written by Minjung Jo