Impact Ventures


/ Environment, Energy

We make better solutions for a brighter world

Enlighten is currently in preparation for launch of Better:Re, the brand that aims to BETTER REsolve increasing problems of leftover batteries from mobile devices, automobiles, and etc.

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/ Culture, Social Dining

We create warm society connecting people to people

We are living in the age of single households. Our society has become more fragmented and the traditional community is dismantled which was the safety net for growing the sociability. Zipbob started by looking at our own selves who are becoming an island not being able to build relationship with other people and where loneliness is creeping upon us to an extreme.

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Eone Timepieces

/ Fashion, Design

Designed for everyone

Eone Timepieces look for opportunities to create great products that can be used by a multitude of users regardless of age, gender or ability. Usually this means thnking outside of the box. They’re not afraid to take risks to create superior products that function the way you need them to.

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/ Leisure, Travel

We inspire people to Experience the World

Crevisse is investing and incubating a social venture Frientrip to solve social issues by providing accessible new challenges. Frientrip is discovering new surprising experiences to deliver to people.

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/ Environment

We inspire everyone to bring their own cup for tomorrow

Crevisse is incubating a social venture Bring Your Cup to solve social issues related to paper cups. Bring Your Cup is creating a tumbler culture through collaboration with designers, cafes, and companies. Individual ordering take-out coffee with tumbler may receive discount in partner cafes.

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/ Creative, Brand Marketing

We create tangible results with creative ideas

Crevisse started a creative marketing business, Inspire.D, in 2010 based on prior experiences in digital consulting projects. Inspire.D currently provides creative marketing services to Crevisse’s impact ventures Tree Planet, Musical Moby Dick, and Donus, as well as external clients such as UNICEF, KT, and Samsung.

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Musical MobyDick

/ Art & Culture

We make a stage for the artist to unfold the talent

Korea’s musical industry is currently dominated by major commercial musicals. In such circumstances, however, we wanted to discover original musicals and offer various opportunities to producers and artists. We incubated Musical Moby Dick, Korea’s first actor-musical in which the actor plays and sings the music. Audience and critices in Korea loved Moby Dick.

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Tree Planet

/ Environment, Game

We create engaging means to plant the most trees in the world

Crevisse met Tree Planet when it was in a seed stage. We contemplated about innovation in tree planting methodology and shared philosophy about social innovations to create a better future for everyone.

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/ Donation

We gather your precious wishes for a greater good

DONUS provides a combined solution covering from donation to accounting to solve the hesitation which donors feel due to the lack of transparency. It has grown into Korea’s largest donation solution, used by prestigious institutions such as Seoul National University Development Fund and Catholic Medical Center.

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/ Education

A Life Management Company

Eduplex is a life management company established in 2004. The company is running Eduplex, Educoach, LeeByoungHoon Education Research Institute, and QuestionDesign Research Institute.

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Impact Collaborations

Impact ventures and partners pool their expertise in environment, art, donations, marketing,
and investment to create another change.


sTREEt Campaign

INSPIRE.D and Tree Planet created a new tree street in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu by receiving 10,070 petition signatures during an art branding campaign.


Star Forest Fundraising System

Tree Planet adopted the fundraising solution of Donus for Star Forest.


Musical MobyDick Website

INSPIRE.D constructed the website and provided marketing for the Korea’s first actor-musician musical, Moby Dick.