Who we are

Crevisse is an Impact Ventures Group, tackling impossible problems of the world through
innovative technology and business. We share the same mission, and build impact ventures
in order to catalyze strong market penetration and greater social impact.


- Values -


We build Impact Ventures for social innovation. We provide them with capital and platforms,
through which they can share and integrate the resources to scale up their growth



It is a novel challenge to address the problems the world has failed to solve. Nevertheless, we believe that the art of making the world more beautiful begins by innovating new solutions to the problems we face in real life.

To discover possibilities that could lead social innovation, we take the highest risks and build business together with seed-stage to early-stage startup ventures. For the environment where our ‘Explorers’ can stay focused and realize their possibilities, we provide professional services including business management, marketing, branding, and communications as well as office and housing. Our focus is on nurturing and helping entrepreneurs to create sustainable innovations.



Once their possibilities for social innovation are recognized, the ventures now have to prove their impacts through concrete results and growth. Beyond financial growth, they ought to grow into companies capable of making grander, bolder impacts and spread out to the most neglected places of the world, embracing individuals and societies.

We focus on making grander impacts through sharing and integrating persons, opportunities, and capital owned by Impact Ventures Group. Our ventures work as teams and share profits. They join forces to scale up their growth, and triumph in changing the world.


Realizing that right thought and mission were necessary for social innovation,
We decided to contribute to society while earning profits rather than contribute to society after earning profits.